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Emcee Stretchability

Fluid Mental Yoga skills and an Improvise / Adapt / Overcome mentality is atop the short list for Event Emcees. The moment your clients event goes live the best laid plans are just that, plans!

My first improvisation happened with 15 minutes after kickoff at RLC Global Creating Best Version Business 4 day event. Immediately following Dave and Debbie's introduction I realized that, while my client wanted to be held to a strict timeline, I had no way of communicating it discretely.

I searched my bag and found, much to my relief, note cards and a Sharpie. I quickly carved out five note cards with 30 - 20 - 10 - 5 - 1 minute reminders. From the back of the room my client naturally picked up on my time queues. During our first break they thanked me for the ease and proactive method with which I communicated the time cut offs. PHEW!

As an additional member of the events cast the Emcee interjects a unique dynamic to how the event is perceived by the participants and the organizers/facilitators. The first days end of session debriefing was key to realigning and readjusting roles and responsibilities.

Witnessing and learning, firsthand, the intuitive method with which RLC educates, encourages, and enhances the Consults to deliver, use and explain stretch development was incredibly helpful as we debriefed.

The feedback I received from Dave and Debbie enable me to adapt my presentation style and enhance the event participant's experience while delivering on the format my client had envisioned.

As a professional speaker I had the opportunity to further refine my craft throughout the 4 day event by giving focus to one specific skills - Silence…

Silence creates drama, grabs peoples attention and is the love language of Tom Dearth, CSP. With Tom's Colorado Speakers Academy Workshop still fresh in my mind, I decided to put into action what he had waxed about.

The resulting impact was beyond what I had anticipated!

At the conclusion of our immersive 3rd day, as I had done the 2 days before, I led everyone through the comprehensive reflection session by asking them the same 2 questions as in previous sessions.

*What tool / system / process / information resonates with you to the point of being comfortable explaining it to someone else?

*If we were to allot additional time to one tool / system / process / information which would you like to learn more about and why?

In past sessions I would verbally encourage each person to give their feedback and then thank them for their participation.

This time, after having given the attendees an opportunity to reflect upon the lessons learned, I stepped back in front of the group. Making eye contact, matching their energy, encouraging them, non verbally, to speak. As they slowly began to share I listening with rapt attention, all while without saying a word.

At the time it may have felt like an eternity before anyone spoke, but the result was spectacular.

In previous sessions the conversation had been between me and the person reflecting. This time around a conversation between the attendee's emerged. Being witness to the Consults connecting their own experiences to the material they had been learning and sharing how RLC has impacted them professionally was incredible to witness firsthand.

A dialog of "Yes, And " , the healthiest of all conversation, sprung up organically. In the midst of discussion between the Consults there was an ease of conversation and peer to peer coaching. RLC's goal of leading, teaching, and creating impactful coaches with their suite of product and services had been achieved.

As a speaker/facilitator that was one of the most powerful moment I have ever experience while being on stage.

Thank you RLC Global for sharing your stage with Stage Coaching and allowing me to actively participate in the up leveling your 4 day event. I look forward to the near and distant future whereby we will impact lives with the suite of effective RLC business and personal coaching tools.

At Your Service,

Keith MJ Bailey


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