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Service Is Your Winning WHY!

Service is a funny thing in that you do not notice it so much when it is present as you do when it is lacking. The service experience you deliver is the one thing that cannot be bought elsewhere, good or bad.

I just finished watching Oprah Winfrey speak at the Colorado College 145th Commencement Ceremony. 'Use Your Life in Service' was her message, through service is "how you're touching other people's lives".

Every memorable experience has an emotion tied to it that ranges from "I can't wait to go there again", "That was the worst experience", "Meh! Utterly forgettable". The emotions reside in the Limbic brain, a place where emotions reign and words do not exist.

When leading with Service as the WHY you are connecting with clients on an 'I have a good feeling about this' level.

Simon Sinek has taught us that "people don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe." knowledge that we buy from people we like.

These emotional statements speak directly to the Limbic portion of our brains, which Simon Sinek, creator of the Golden Circle, identifies as the WHY portion of our brains. A place where emotions reign and words do not exist.

Service is the thread that is woven throughout the fabric of my career.

Served my country in the Marine Corps, I learned the power of force multipliers when in the service of protecting each other for the sake of the mission's success.

Degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management gave me experience serving in the most inhospitable industry, Great Food + Bad Service = Zero Chance for longevity.

Personal Training business entrepreneur I served my client's fitness goals -

80% is mental and 20% is the act of picking up the weight = 100% Service

8 years of Global Corporate Sales we served to achieve the goals of the business and relational service of our clients. In a saturated market space during a downturn economy, we led with the service of relationships. A philosophy of "you may not be our client today buy you be our customer tomorrow" enabled us to focus on the relationship first.

There are three actions every business needs to adopt to successfully deliver Service as the winning Why

The first action for delivering quality service begins with quality on boarding, which in the Marine Corps begins with Yellow Foot Prints and ends after a complete indoctrination of Mission, Vision, and Values. Well structured MVV's connect with us not so much in the words as they do our emotions rooted in WHY.

"Semper Fidelis" is the Marine Corps core Value meaning "Always Faithful". Under the banner of this value every Marine knows what he/she stands for.

The Second action is to understand that in service it is not about you, therefore check your emotional baggage at the door. Your customers do not care about your strife or success, in fact, they will likely hold it against you. "I fail to see how this is my problem" "Why are you making this my problem" are the thoughts that roll around in my mind whenever someone starts making excuses for what should not be. When you make it all about your customer they are left with an indelible sense of gratitude, an emotion rooted in the WHY.

The Third action in delivering service is so simple it vexes many of us to the point self-sabotage. Humility! "Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less." - C.S. Lewis.

Go forth and lead with Service as your winning WHY!

At Your Service,

Keith MJ Bailey

Stage Coaching LLC.

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