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Bernard Doft / Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology

Reap the rewards of 30 years of speaking and performance in a hyper creative personalized space where we explore the realm of possibility, craft the script that resonates and score the presentation for the stage that best captures your audience. Initial sessions are 2 hours in length, focused on the objectives of your presentation and the key results that maximizes the impact of your story.  All subsequent sessions are on an as needed basis to meet your needs.


"As a new associate, this was extremely valuable to add to my toolbox as I begin my career."

Katharina Harris / Holland & Hart




This interactive conversation identifies key area's for improving personal brand value through the adoption of practical business ethos and professional relationship building practices.  


Participants walk away with tools and an applicable action plan for developing and cultivating strong professional relationships that elevate their personal brand. 


Explore the power and impact of the altruistic mindset in business.  

Proactive - Devote time to understanding how clients communicate, what drives them, what are their needs, what are their strengths, what are your growth opportunities with them and how do they measure success.

Continuous - Maintaining an active dialog with your customer is crucial to the health of the professional relationship.  No communication, IS communication.  Don’t let your client “guess”.  Setup continuous touch points based on the client’s communication style to keep the relationship strong.

Communication – Know the right communication tool for each situation and each client.  Understand that tone and emotions get lost or misinterpreted in email. Pick up the phone when needed.   Create well-crafted communications with asks at the beginning that are well defined.  Learn how to overcome objections, set the tone in a room, and deliver a powerful message with stories.




The objective of a Pitch is to entice your audience take a swing at what you said.


At the conclusion of this workshop participants will have written a unique pitch that addresses the Why, How and What along with the knowledge and confidence needed to deliver and create future pitches.

Educate– Quickly engaging our audience is the first step in crafting a personal pitch that poignantly summarizes the why, what and who. The efficacy of this pitch sets up the opportunity for either the Persuade or Ask Pitch. 


Persuade –How often have you thought of the right thing to say after a critical moment has passed? Overcoming objections and persuading your audience is the linchpin for getting to the close. The objective of this workshop is to identify the protestations within your industry and craft the perfect pitch in order to eliminate the “Oh! I should have said that!” moment . 


Ask – Getting commitment to an idea, concept, or product is often a stumbling block that keeps us from moving forward. This workshop focuses on identifying what the unique ask is and how to get what you ask for. 

Event Emcee

"I would hire him again in an instant and recommend him for any Emcee opportunity"

Lucas Clarke / VP of Marketing / Ninja Nation

Stage Coaching elevates your event through 5 principles



  1. Partnering with event planners to bring their vision to life

  2. Delightfully entertaining your audience, drawing them further into the event.  

  3. Working with presenters to elevate their confidence and success.

  4. Research and preparation to ensure organization and sponsors are properly represented.  

  5. Delivering reliable efficiency of event details, timetables, and overall logistics.



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"Your message spoke to me, I am going to think about it all week.Thank you, so much." 

Fair and Equitable Keynote / Attendee 

The Fair and Equitable Keynote delivers thought provoking stories and implementable action focused on the development and nurturing of the different relationships that we manage on a daily basis. From Professional and Personal relationships to how we manage our own health, wellness and mental mindset