success stories

"I competed in the World Championship of Public Speaking and the coaching Keith gave me was invaluable.

It got me into the top 20 in the world championship contest out of 30,000 global contestants."

Diana Thompson / Speaker / Author / Educator

I cant thank you enough for helping me create the talks, organize the slides, pick images, and overall change these talks from what I would have done (boring, welcome to sf, we have a great meeting, blah blah) to “I have good news and bad news”, or “200 years ago”or, music for times they are a changing.These starts to the talks made everyone perk up, and the rooms became silent and totally attentive immediately.


Keith injects energy. Easy to work with. Smart.

Bernard Doft / Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology

I run a business development training program at a Denver law firm. Keith has been a speaker in our training program a number of times. He is enthusiastic, energetic, interesting and provides high quality, useful content to session participants.

I highly recommend Keith for your training and consulting needs!

Erica Bullock-Jones / Attorney / Holland & Hart 

The feedback on the race has been nothing short of phenomenal! When I think of all the factors that made it work so well, I really believe you two are at the top of the list. The amount of extra work you did to prepare was obvious and incredibly helpful to make the races that much more exciting. Your dialog was always engaging and spoke to both those new to racing or just crit racing, as well those experienced. You had next to no dead air and you were often hilarious. You very appropriately worked in just the right amount of sponsor plugs and made them interesting, fun and relevant to the race. 

Chip Brunk / Race Director / Pedal Racing / Littleton Criterium 2018

Thank you very much for taking time today to come in and help guide us through your 30 Second Elevator Pitch workshop. It was informative and gave me great guidance on how best to present who I am, what I do, and why I do it. As a new associate (just started two weeks ago), this was extremely valuable to add to my toolbox as I begin my career.

Katharina Harris / Holland & Hart